Really? REALLY?!?!

Oh for crying out loud! So I'm playing P&P (Papers, Please) when one guy walks up and hands me his passport... he's a foreigner, okay, de-oh hey there lucky ticket. Did you seriously have to wait a good few seconds to show me your damn ticket? HUH? Well good job buddy, you aren't going anywhere and I'm given a…


Amazing, it's a recreation of Un-Go's ending using Nisemonogatari, and a damn good one too. Some of it's a bit rough (or, well, too out of place) but they managed to follow the entire ending.

So, I bought Pokemon White Version 2 today. I was very happy, so happy that I decided to go straight for a new game instead of checking out the progress that was already made by the game's previous owner. I start a new game and mash my way past the warning text, figuring it's the same as past games that give you the…

Okay, I'm really, really, really craving a Pokemon game. I prefer the 3D battles of Colosseum and Gale of Darkness but of course they're more limited in just about everything else, so I've decided that the dancing sprites in Black and White are good enough.